Jayden 1

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Jayden 1 Daily rent for fishing

This fishing boat does what it says on the tin “Extreme Boat Fishing” able to take 10 people on a once in a lift time fishing trip around Malta to catch some of the meanest most hard fighting fish in the Mediteraenian. With a local Maltese captian who knows all the secret location most don’t. For a extreme fishing trip you wont forget a day out on “Jayden 1” will certainly build your arm mussles.
Make/Model: Petecraft 27
Length: 27ft | Year: 2013
Location: Laguna Marina – Valletta Water Front

Price PER DAY: EUR 750 + vat

Our address

Malta, Valletta
35.900159983134614, 14.52296420747075
+356 7777 3240

To rent for daily fishing trips.

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